Can you be a feminist and listen to hip hop?

Can you be a feminist and still listen to hip hop?

So yes, you can listen to rap and still be a feminist.

Does listening to hip hop make you smarter?

In a word, no. In several words, listening to any specific genre of music will not affect your intelligence. Sometimes one’s intelligence will influence what kind of music they listen to, but that’s about where the correlation ends, and it still differs from person to person.

Who are some artists that you would consider to be pioneers of feminism in hip hop RNB Why?

A few other artists in the feminist wave include Lauryn Hill, Salt-n-Pepa, and Black Star. Other artists that have also had some inspirational feminist lyrics include J. Cole.

Does rap ruin your brain?

The scans showed that the areas of the brain concerning motivation, language, emotion, motor function, and sensory processing were at work. Similar to jazz improvisation, rap is able to hack into the brain’s most creative spaces and alter our emotions.

Is rap good for studying?

If you’re like many students suffering from anxiety and stress, try listening to rap music while studying. A study done by Cambridge University showed that hip-hop music provides an uplifting effect on its listeners that can help them accept, manage and deal better with mental health issues.

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Who is the Princess of rap?

Flo Milli Declares Herself The “Princess Of Rap” & Incites Debate About The Title.