Is Alice Walker a feminist?

What was Alice Walker known for?

Alice Walker (b. 1944) is an American writer, poet, and activist known for her insightful portrayal of African American life and culture. Her 1982 novel The Color Purple was the subject of a major motion picture and Broadway musical.

What did the lover gift the black woman?

What did the lover gift the black woman? The poem is about the gift of soul given by a lover to his lady love. The lady never actually wanted his soul and never was interested in it. But she respected it.

Did Alice Walker have an abortion?

Walker became pregnant at the start of her senior year and had an abortion; this experience, as well as the bout of suicidal thoughts that followed, inspired much of the poetry found in Once, Walker’s first collection of poetry.

How many sisters did Alice Walker have?

Walker was the youngest of eight children, so she had seven brothers and sisters.

What did the lady compare the lover’s soul to sponge?

In the poem ‘Gift’ written by Alice Walker, the lady compares the soul of the lover to the thoughts of the lover. … The lady in the poem thought that the lover never had feelings for her because the soul represented his thoughts only. And feelings represented heart.

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Why did the lovers soul shrunk to the size of his hand?

A lover was angry with his beloved and wanted his gifted soul back. … The lover was emotional, sentimental, egoistic and narrow minded. So the lady said that he held his soul tightly in such a way that it started shrinking to fit his hand, like a sponge.

Why is the color of the black woman glorified in the poem?

Expert Answers

In this 1945 poem, the color of the black woman is glorified because it not only represents the beauty of African womanhood, it represents the beauty of Senghor’s home country, Senegal. Senghor is celebrating and exalting his native culture, which is black.