What are the reasons feminist ethicists give for doing so?

Why is feminist ethics important?

A feminist ethic, which paid attention to these different identities and perspectives, became centrally important to taking women’s lives and experiences seriously, and central to eliminating oppression of women, sexual minorities, and other oppressed groups.

What does feminist ethics focus on?

More specifically, feminist ethicists aim to understand, criticize, and correct: (1) the binary view of gender, (2) the privilege historically available to men, and/or (3) the ways that views about gender maintain oppressive social orders or practices that harm others, especially girls and women who historically have …

What is it for an action to be Optimific?

“Optimific” is used to describe actions that maximize utility. Utility: “greatest good for the greatest number” or more precisely the greatest net balance of happiness over unhappiness.

What is an example of feminist ethics?

The feminist ethics lexicon also includes novel concepts developed specifically as part of the project of analyzing and finding ways to move beyond oppression and privilege—for example, María Lugones’s (1987) concept of “world-traveling,” which she recommends to feminists and others who seek to replace arrogance with …

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What is feminist ethics Hilde Lindemann summary?

What Is Feminist Ethics? … She first discusses the nature of feminism and identifies some of the various ways that people have defined it. Lindemann argues against thinking of feminism as focused primarily on equality, women, or the differences between the sexes.

What are four characteristics of feminist ethics?

Tong argues that, alongside this dissatisfaction with traditional ethics, feminist ethics may also have some or all the following characteristics: they highlight the differences between men’s and women’s situations in life, both biologically and socially, rather than assuming a “universal” human being; they provide

What do feminist ethicists tend to think that our behavior should be based on?

Are central to moral motivation and moral discovery. Feminist ethicists tend to think that our behavior should be based on? A sensitive appreciation of the complexities of a situation.

What role do emotions play in feminist ethics?

First, some feminists emphasize the role of emotion in action; in particular, they stress the motive of care in prompting action. They do so for the reason that emotion in general, and care in particular, have been ignored or denigrated in traditional moral theory due to their association with women.

How does feminism apply to health and social care?

Health inequities are one of the central problems in public health ethics; a feminist approach leads us to examine not only the connections between gender, disadvantage, and health, but also the distribution of power in the processes of public health, from policy making through to programme delivery.

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What does it mean for an action to be Optimific how might an action bring about more happiness than any other alternative but still fail to be Optimific?

How might an action bring about more happiness than any other alternative, but still fail to be optimific? Optimific: Means when an act produces the absolute best possible total consequences. … This can be an issue since someone’s actions could lead to something wrong but they might have had intentions of something good.

What is necessary to gain moral knowledge according to most utilitarians?

What is necessary in order to gain moral knowledge, according to most utilitarians? Accurately predicting the consequences of an action. Which of the following do most utilitarians believe determines the morality of actions? The actual consequences of the action.