What was the women’s suffrage movement answer?

What was the suffrage movement your answer?

The suffrage movement means the right to vote or franchise. It was the struggle for the privilege of women to vote and run for office and is part of the overall women’s rights movement. British women organised the Suffrage Movement in the early 20th century to win political rights and for participation in government.

What was the suffrage movement called?

The suffragette campaign was suspended when World War I broke out in 1914.


A 1910 poster by Alfred Pearce for the WSPU showing a suffragette being force-fed
First suffragettes Women’s Social and Political Union
Named after Suffrage
Formation 10 October 1903
Founder Emmeline Pankhurst (WSPU)

What is suffrage movement class 9 short answer?

Answer: The suffrage movement means right to vote. This movement belongs to the women and the poor people who have to fight for the participation in government.

What is women’s suffrage movement class 6?

The suffrage movement refers to the women’s struggle to attain the right to vote. Women’s struggle to vote got strengthened during the First World War. As many men were away fighting, women were called upon to do work that was earlier considered to be men’s work.

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Why was the women’s suffrage movement important?

The woman’s suffrage movement is important because it resulted in passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which finally allowed women the right to vote.

What is suffrage Class 9?

A movement to give women Right to vote.

What was the suffrage movement what did it accomplish long answer Class 6?

During the World War-1, the struggle for the right to vote got strengthened. Accomplishments of Suffrage Movement : It accomplished its goal and included the women in the mainstream of voting and government. Women began to be seen as being equally capable of doing hard work and making a decision.

What was the aim of suffragette movement class 9?

Its objective was to get the right to vote for women.