Why does Wollstonecraft focus on education?

What did Mary Wollstonecraft believe about education?

Wollstonecraft believed that education should be built on strengthening a women’s intellectual faculties, particularly by emphasizing the skills of logical reasoning and abstract thinking through the mastery of such subjects as mathematics, science, history, literature, and language.

Why was the issue of education important to Mary Wollstonecraft?

Not only did she argue for women’s equality with men in education but she also called for their equality within the law as well as their right to parliamentary representation. … Mary Wollstonecraft was a pioneer for women. She led the way for feminists and her book is a classic that still inspires many today.

Did Mary Shelley remarry?

Still, never does she cease to guard her husband’s name, never does she cease to care for, in many tactful ways, her one surviving child. Nor does she ever remarry. … The death of her mother in childbirth and the loss of her husband when she was only 24, were events from which recovery was slow.

Who wrote thoughts on the education of daughters?

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