How did people react to women’s suffrage?

How did the crowd react to the women’s suffrage Parade?

Black women felt like they were under attack long before the crowds descended upon the marchers. They had to fight just to be included in the procession. As described in the NAACP’s newspaper: “The women’s suffrage party had a hard time settling the status of Negroes in the Washington parade.

How did the public react to the suffragettes?

Many suffragettes were sent to prison and went on hunger strike. The government reacted by force-feeding suffragettes. This caused public outrage, so in 1913 the government introduced the ‘Cat and Mouse’ Act. Women on hunger strike were released when they fell ill but rearrested once they recovered.

Did Lucy Burns marry?

She never got married or had children. She was the suffragist who spent the most time in jail. The Lucy Burns Institute was named in her honor. The Occoquan Workhouse in Lorton, VA, the prison she was held in during the Night of Terror, is the location of The Lucy Burns Museum.

What was Queen Alexandra’s response to the women’s march?

Alexandra was dismissive of the protestors, writing to Nicholas at military headquarters, “The rows in town and strikes are more than provoking…

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Why did the suffragettes turn violent?

The Suffragettes had existed since 1903, but the first ‘official’ violent Suffragette incident occurred in 1909, when Mrs Bouvier and a number of others threw stones at the Home Office windows. … In this interpretation, violence is presented as a reaction to the repression of the past.

What violent things did the suffragettes do?

But activism grew to include planting bombs, smashing shop windows and acts of arson. Targets were not just buildings, even artworks were mutilated – most notably Velazquez’s famous Rokeby Venus, repeatedly slashed with a meat cleaver at the National Gallery in 1914.

Why did some people oppose the women’s rights movement quizlet?

Why did people oppose women’s suffrage? 90% of women simply didn’t want it, 80% of women had husbands who already had the vote, If all women get the vote, there will be more female voters than male.