What factor has contributed to the feminization of poverty?

What are the three major causes of the feminization of poverty?

The underlying causes for women’s poverty vary across countries but generally fall into one of three main categories—demographic composition, economic conditions, and government policy.

What is the feminization of poverty and how did this take place quizlet?

The feminization of poverty refers to the high incidence of poverty among unmarried mothers and their children. … The tax that can be used to redistribute income from the rich to the poor is a progressive tax – more income entails a higher rate of tax.

What is the feminization of poverty quizlet?

The concept of women & girls compromising majority of the Worlds poor.

What is meant the feminization of poverty?

The “feminisation of poverty” means that women have a higher incidence of poverty than men, that their poverty is more severe than that of men and that poverty among women is on the increase.

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What led to the feminization of agricultural Labour force?

Agriculture sector employs 80% of all economically active women; they comprise 33% of the agricultural labour force and 48% of self employed farmers. … According to the Economic Survey 2017-18, a rise in migration of men from rural to urban areas has resulted in feminization of agriculture.

What group is most likely to experience the feminization of poverty quizlet?

Women are more likely than men to live below the poverty line–a phenomenon referred to as the feminization of poverty.

Which of the following statements best describes the concept of feminization of poverty?

Which of the following most accurately describes the feminization of poverty? It refers to the disproportionate number of the poor who are women.

What is the shadow welfare state quizlet?

The “shadow welfare state” refers to. Employer-provided benefits like health insurance and pensions. The social welfare system in the US. Became public after private groups we’re handle to the Great Depression.

Which is a significant factor in maintaining masculine and feminine gender roles quizlet?

Which is a significant factor in maintaining masculine and feminine gender roles? restricted women more than men. How are men in American culture usually viewed when they take on roles that are normally considered feminine?

What is absolute poverty in sociology quizlet?

absolute poverty. a condition of impoverishment in which people have to spend all of their income to pay for their basic needs for food, clothing and shelter.

What is relative poverty in sociology quizlet?

relative poverty. Being poor in relation to others in society- only poor because they are not rich within population-may not be poor in terms of another population.

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